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Game NameSystem
Backyard BaseballGame Cube
Backyard Baseball 2007Game Cube
Backyard FootballGame Cube
Bad Boys : Miami TakedownGame Cube
Baldur's Gate: Dark AllianceGame Cube
BarbarianGame Cube
BarnyardGame Cube
Baten KaitosGame Cube
Baten Kaitos : Eternal Wings and the Lost OceanGame Cube
Baten Kaitos OriginsGame Cube
Batman : Rise Of Sin TzuGame Cube
Batman BeginsGame Cube
Batman: VengeanceGame Cube
Battalion WarsGame Cube
Battle HoushinGame Cube
Battle Stadium D.O.NGame Cube
Beach SpikersGame Cube
BeyBlade - Super Tournament BattleGame Cube
Beyblade : V-ForceGame Cube
BeyBlade Super Tournament BattleGame Cube
Beyond Good and EvilGame Cube
Big Air FreestyleGame Cube
Big Mutha Truckers Game Cube
Big Mutha Truckers Game Cube
Billy Hatcher and the Giant EggGame Cube
Biohazard 2Game Cube
Biohazard 3 : Last EscapeGame Cube
Biohazard : Code Veronica CompleteGame Cube
BionicleGame Cube
Bionicle HeroesGame Cube
Bionicle The GameGame Cube
Black & BruisedGame Cube
Black and BruisedGame Cube
BleachGame Cube
Blood Omen 2Game Cube
Blood Omen 2 : Legacy of KainGame Cube
BloodRayneGame Cube
Bloody Roar: Primal FuryGame Cube
BlowOutGame Cube
BMX XXXGame Cube
Bomberman GenerationGame Cube
Bomberman JettersGame Cube
Bratz : Forever DiamondzGame Cube
Bratz : Formal Funk Game Cube
Bratz : Rock AngelzGame Cube
Broken Sword : The Sleeping DragonGame Cube
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2 : Chaos BleedsGame Cube
Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Chaos BleedsGame Cube
BurnoutGame Cube
Burnout 2 : Point of ImpactGame Cube
Bust-A-Move 3000Game Cube


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